Silver Alert! Starship Enterprise joins Captain Kirk in the NZ Mint’s new miniature range

The New Zealand Mint has dived right in with its new range of miniatures and has now added a pretty cool looking USS Enterprise to stand alongside the Captain Kirk statuette that was released a few months ago. Like the Kirk effort, this isn’t a coin in any way, so has been produced to be exactly what you see – a miniature replica in fine silver.

There has been an earlier attempt to pull this off. The Royal Canadian Mint coin from  last November was twice the weight of this and debuted to quite a frenzy. For us however, it was a hugely disappointing replica that lost all semblance of accuracy the moment you looked at it in anything but plan view. To be fair, it was a struck item and not cast like this NZ Mint effort, and a comparison should also take into account the coin status of the Canadian issue, but as a representation of the fictional vessel, there’s simply no comparison.

As with previous miniatures from this mint, the Enterprise weighs around 150 grams and is approximately 100 mm in length. Mounted to a base for easy display, the serial number is located on the bottom and just 1,000 will be cast.  It’s certainly a striking piece and depicts the iconic vessel as it appeared in the original sixties series – a classic Enterprise instead of one of the many later interpretations, right up to the latest just a few months ago in Star Trek Discovery.

Packaging is neat and of a good quality. We’ve seen that of the Kirk and Superman issues and they do the job well. We’ve yet to see one of these in hand, but having recently had a close look at the Superman miniature, we can safely say that the quality of these is quite outstanding and we’ve no reason to believe that the Enterprise will be any different. Available later today, it has a rrp of $550.00 USD and is available from several of our sponsors like Coin Shoppe and Minted-UK, for example.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT minimum of 150 grams
DIMENSIONS approx 100 mm
FINISH Antique
BOX / COA Yes / On base