After Star Wars silver foil posters it’s the turn of Star Trek The Motion Picture to shine

The coin note and foil market continues to expand in theme and yet again, it’e the New Zealand Mint driving the wider choice. Following on front the standard banknote-sized issued, the NZ Mint launched a giant ‘premium’ foil range with a reproduction of the classic Star Wars movie poster. Considerably larger at 262 x 175 mm ( compared to 150 x 70 mm), they offer a huge canvas to display artwork, but are really pushing the definition of being a ‘coin’.

This new Star Trek: The Motion Picture issue foregoes the pretence and is simply a silver foil without legal tender definition and with a blank obverse. In this case it’s likely because Star Trek coins are currently within the purview of the Perth and Royal Canadian mints. Irrespective of the back, the front is conceptually the same as the Star Wars: A New Hope issue – a simple reproduction of the classic movie poster.

It’s a very well known piece of artwork and an attractive one, so certainly a fine choice to kick off what could be a new series. Very colourful and iconic, it would make a fine display piece for a Star Trek memorabilia collector. We’d have preferred the poster variant with ‘The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning’ as the tagline, rather than the more banal ‘There Is No Comparison’ (a strange tagline for a Trek movie), but that’s a minor criticism.

Formed in 35 grams of fine silver, the foil is sealed in a acrylic display frame that can be stood up or wall mounted. Because it lacks legal tender status, there are no mintage limits, although we wouldn’t expect these to be produced by the tens of thousands. Available later today for $130.00, these are available from the mint or from many of our sponsors.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 35.0 grams
DIAMETER 262 x 175 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
BOX / COA Yes / Yes