Isle of Man Angel appears on its first coin since the Manx move to Tower Mint and CIT

We reported back in March that Tower Mint, a London-based private mint owned by well-known effigy designer Raphael Maklouf, was to take over the reins of the Isle of Man’s coin programme. As most of this would be circulating currency and the hope that the bullion coin program would continue, we were pleased to see that commemorative coin duties would be handled by none other than the hugely respected Liechtenstein-based producer Coin Invest Trust (CIT). The first efforts  have now appeared and it seems that the Angel coin, one whose origins go back centuries, is far from dead.

A tweaked variant of one of the early Angel depictions is used, originally done by Raphael Maklouf, and then brought into high-relief using CIT’s outstanding SmartMinting technique. It’s a two-ounce coin with the extra ounce having gone to create a piedfort design, basically one with the same diameter but twice the thickness of a standard coin, in this case one of 38.6 mm. At several decades old now, the Angel is very well known in numismatic circles and we’d imagine something like this would be very well recieved.

With CIT being involved, the expectation is that quality will be first class. Struck in fine 0.999 silver, just 999 of the coin will be minted and each will come boxed and with a certificate of authenticity. They should begin shipping in October.

Also available, as you’d expect from CIT, is a half-gram minigold version. Struck to a proof standard and with a mintage of 15,000 coins, this one carries the same basic design, although obviously not in high-relief given the paucity of metal here. There are only renders at present, but CIT do have a knack of imbibing these little 11 mm diameter coins with an extraordinary amount of detail. Also available in October.


The effigy on the back of this coin represents the first time the new Jody Clark representation of Queen Elizabeth II has been used by CIT, indeed one of the first anywhere. There is an important difference between the one debuted and used by the Royal Mint and the one available for the rest of the Commonwealth to use at present.

Ever since Raphael Maklouf created the third effigy back in 1985, the Queen’s effigy has been ‘couped’. This means the depiction has been ended at the neck with the shoulders and anything below that removed. The Ian Rank Broadley and Jody Clark effigies maintain the same style, but in this case the Isle of Man is using a full  version of Jody Clarks depiction, with the shoulders and a necklace present.

There appear to be some detail changes to the one being used by CIT, particularly the hair, but at present it’s difficult to judge the extent of them as the silver coin is an ultra high relief strike and the gold image we have is a render and may be derived from that. It will be interesting to see if some of the bigger Commonwealth nations like Australia and New Zealand will continue with the Ian Rank Broadley portrait, or move to a Clark-variant. Canada has its own effigy by Sussana Blunt.


MINTS DESCRIPTION: «Angel» represents the first coin CIT has produced for the Isle of Man. Additionally, it is the first CIT release featuring Jody Clark’s Queen Elizabeth II effigy that replaced Ian Rank Broadley’s design, which adorned countless coins struck between 1998 and 2015. Furthermore, coins issued from 1985 to 1997 carried a design by Raphael Maklouf.

Coming full circle, Raphael Maklouf is also the artist of the angel on this new piedfort coin. Struck in impressive smartminting© high relief, it will surely be a significant collector’s item in any collection.


COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 62.2 grams 0.5 g
DIAMETER 38.60 mm 11.00 mm
FINISH Proof Proof
MINTAGE 999 15,000
BOX / COA Yes / Yes tbc / Yes