The Mint of Poland apply their dimensional coin experience to the Ancient Roman Colosseum


Having a long history with truly dimensional silver coin designs, the annual World Money Fair issues are eagerly awaited, and have been since the debut of the beautiful Fortuna Redux coin around half a decade ago. It’s easy to stick something to the face of a regular coin and call it dimensional, but that certainly isn’t our interpretation of the term. True dimensional coins should be monolithic and the Mennica Polska’s latest is certainly that.

Most of these coins have had a geometric shape – that is, something like a cylinder, a sphere or a cube, for example, but this issue is more complex than that. Depicting the incredible Roman Colosseum, it’s like one of MDM’s multi-layer architectural coins on steroids. It’s a stylised rather than realistic depiction, but there’s no confusing the subject matter with Wembley Stadium. A frieze of gladiatorial images on one surface is a neat touch and helps add some complexity to the overall look.

Weighing in at 130.82 grams (approx 4.2 tozs), this antique-finished fine silver piece has a mintage of 500 pieces and comes in a neat variation of the custom box first used on the aforementioned Fortuna Redux (click below to see it). A neat piece, the popularity of Roman themed coins should see this generate a lot of interest.

DENOMINATION $10 New Zealand (Niue)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 130.82 grams
BOX / COA Yes / Yes