I’ll Bee Back! Prototype Terminator bees are the star of Powercoins first coin in its ‘Clockwork Evolution’ series

We can always rely on Powercoin to bring us something interesting and unusual, and that is again the case with the launch of the first coin in an intriguing new series called ‘Clockwork Evolution’. Now mechanical animals are nothing new, of course, with fascinating examples littering the science-fiction world, but when it comes to coins, it’s all about the way the concept is implemented.

Tapping deeply into the CIT/BHM proprietary Smartminting technology, now in its new 2020 ‘reloaded’ enhanced form, Powercoin have put together an extremely clever and attractive three-ounce fine silver coin. Looking at the head-on image of the reverse face, it looks like the coin is divided into two styles – clockwork on the left and natural on the right – almost a comparison between the two. However, a look at the angled images lower down highlights the true genius of this one.

The clockwork side is struck to a lower relief and the delineation between the two halves is sharply defined, thus giving the impression that we’re peeling back the natural layer to reveal the mechanical underpinnings. It reminds me greatly of the scene in The Terminator, when the T-800 peels back the skin to reveal the exoskeleton below, looking almost like an engineering autopsy.

The obverse, which we believe will be a common one to the series moving forward, is a superb multi-layered depiction of a clockwork mechanism, filled with the fine, sharply defined detail that Smartminting is famous for. You can almost imagine it working. The issuer details, in this case the Bank of Mongolia, are all contained within the space of a single gear, thus fulfilling the obligation to carry the inscriptions without spoinling the overall look.

The packaging looks excellent, with a bi-fold version of Powercoins signature gloss black box in evidence. A Certificate of Authenticity carrying the number of the coin that you have (from 999) is enclosed, that number also being engraved on the edge of the coin.

A surprise release, but a gorgeous example of just how inventive and high quality the numismatic art has become over the last few years. Just a year or two ago, a design like this could not have been brought to life, but here we are. First class. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Available to order now with shipping, assuming Clockwork Coroney has no input, in February.


The reverse of the coin depicts a Bee, represented in a particular way, half as a real insect and the other half as a mechanical Bee, with all the particular pieces and mechanisms. Thanks to the Smartminting technology, the coin is multi-layered and very unique. The particularity of this coin is the strong contrast between real and mechanical, colored and Silver engraved. The coin is numbered on the edge! The obverse of the coin features a clock mechanism, with many details and high reliefs, all engraved on the Silver.

On the left side of the obverse, the Mongolian Coat of Arms and the inscriptions: “2000 TOGROG” – the face value, “MONGOLIA” – the issuing country and “3 OZ .999 SILVER” – the weight and fineness of the Silver.

DENOMINATION 2,000 Togrog (Mongolia)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
FINISH Black proof
MODIFICATIONS Smartminted ultra high-relief, colour
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes