With the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation (ICMC), also known as the Holy Land Mint, no longer having exclusive distribution rights to Israel-denominated coins from the central bank, the company has expanded into issuing coins for other countries. First coins to appear are the initial entrants in a new eight coin series issued for the Republic of Palau, a Western Pacific nation comprised of around 250 islands.

Appropriately enough for a country famed for its undersea fauna, the subject of this new series is the marine life in the Red Sea. Each coin is struck in one ounce of fine (0.999) silver and selectively coloured on the reverse face. Inscriptions on this face are quite numerous; the composition and date, along with the name of the series and subject in English and Hebrew, as well as the Holy Land Mint logo. Perhaps a little overpowering, but not too disruptive. The obverse has the embelm of Palau in the centre along with the inscription “REPUBLIC OF PALAU” at the top and the denomination “$5” below. It looks exactly like that used by CIT for its similarly designed coin ranges.

Each coin is presented in a nice box with a Certificate of Authenticity. A wooden presentation box will be available to hold all eight coins in the sereies, four of which will be released in 2016, and the final four next year. Not the easiest coins to pick up, we have seen them at Powercoin for €89.95, but they should also be available elsewhere.


The Emperor Angelfish is outstanding for its impressive coloration. For its stately royal blue and contrasting yellow colors, this exotic fish has been given the name “Emperor” Angelfish. A reef-associated fish, it is found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Red Sea, to Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Omnivorous, it feeds on both small invertebrates and plants. The males defend the females in their group andtheir territory, which can extend to 1,000 meters.

Lionfish are native to the reefs and rocky crevices in warm ocean habitats.

Their red, white and black stripes match the colors of the reefs, providing good camouflage, and they have long, prominent pectoral fins. A venomous species, lionfish are a threat to over 50 species of fish including some economically and ecologically important species. They ambush their prey by using their outstretched, fan-like pectoral fins to slowly pursue and “corner” them.

The Regal Angelfish is found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Red Sea to the South Pacific, in coral-rich lagoons and reefs. Beautifully colored with yellow and black-edged white stripes, it moves from crevice to crevice in search of food.

Being carnivorous, it feeds on sponges and invertebrates and is usually found solitary or in a pair, rarely in a group.





$5 PALAU 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 38.6 mm PROOF 5,000 YES / YES