There has certainly been a rise in the availability of more extreme coin shapes over the last few years, not just flat coins, but those making the jump to three dimensions. It’s relatively easy to cast a 3D coin, but to strike one is a whole different ballgame. The generally recognised master of the art is the Mennica Polska, or Mint of Poland. Over the last few years they’ve issued some incredible pieces such as the Fortuna Redux, Egyptian Pyramid, Seven Wonders of the World, and recently a pair we’ve yet to cover properly, Mount Vesuvius and the Trans Siberian Railway. In sequence they are cylindrical, pyramidal, spherical, mountain, and egg-shaped. There isn’t much else out there that approaches the level of expertise required to strike these with their multiple dies and collars all being designed to compensate for metal flow under pressure without distortion.

Stepping up to the plate are masters of the ultra high-relief coin, the Helvetic Mint. They are long renowned for fine, difficult strikes like their own Swiss Wildlife series, as well as coins for others. A look at the diamond-shaped coin we’re covering here should give you some indication of the level of ambition on display, and of the technical capabilities required to make something with so many different faces, and so many abutting sharp edges.



Struck in 44 g of 0.999 silver, the coin has 32 facets below the rim, and a further 24 facets above it, not including the table face that carries the obligatory effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The facets below the rim carry a laser-etched serial number which matches the supplied Certificate of Authenticity in the package. Above the rim, inset into one of the faces of the coin is a 0.1 carat diamond, not a Swarovski crystal like those on many other coins, but a genuine diamond, something we’ve only really seen on the Perth Mints Kimberley Diamond gold coins, although those are sold at a significantly higher price. The diamond is very high quality item, color G Top Wesselton, brilliant cut and clarity Si1, so not a low-class stone put in for the sake of it.

At 27mm in diameter, and 17mm in height, the coin is a decent size for the weight, and the satin finish to the silver makes the brilliant cut diamond ‘pop’ just that bit more. Packaging is of a high standard, a hexagonal wooden box with an inbuilt LED light, and the whole thing is very well presented and would make a fine gift. With only 222 of these being minted and the price settling around €350-380, we reckon this will sell out quickly. It should be shipping in the next couple of weeks and can be bought at a few dealers like Numiscollect and Powercoin in Europe.





$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 44.0 g 27.0 x 17.0 mm SATINED  222 YES / YES