The trend for coins depicting ancient gods continues with the release of a new ten-coin set depicting the Gods of Olympus. Not the first time the subject has been covered in the last couple of years, it is the first time we’ve seen them in this format as a set. Moving away from the bigger-sized antique-silver composition that’s been common of late, these are proof struck in just half a gram of gold.

All ten coins have an identical art style, very similar to that found on ancient Greek pottery in the black figure style. Each depicts one of the major gods, all but one as waist and above, and carrying something closely associated with them. The series name ‘GODS OF OLYMPUS’ and the gods name are inscribed on the reverse face. We’ve yet to see an obverse, but these are issued for Samoa, so it’s likely the Samoan national shield surrounded by the denomination, date and issuing country as inscriptions.

The coins can be purchased two ways; as a subscription, or as a complete set. Both come with a collectors box that holds all the coins (pictured below) and it looks to be of a decent quality. We do have a few issues with the set to be honest. Firstly, unlike almost all other minigold coins that are struck in 0.999, or even 0.9999 gold, these are just 0.585 purity (14 carat). That seems a strange change and not a deal-breaker in itself, but the price of €749.00 would be high for fine gold, so for 14kt seems excessively so. The mintage of 7,500 is also quite high for a ten-coin set, no problem in itself, but again raising questions about the value.

We’ve yet to see a coin in hand, just the artwork below, but we’ve no reason to believe these won’t be fine looking coins, the design looks perfectly suited to the 11 mm diameter of the format. It’s obviously a popular subject and these are a worthwhile addition, but we’d recommend waiting for a price drop before buying.



The smallest gold coins with only 11mm in diameter and a weight of 0. 5g belong to one of the most popular collections of coin collectors around the world. Fine display images on such a small diameter, is nevertheless already represents a major challenge for mints.

These gold coins the embossing art but was brought to an even higher challenge: In most detailed manner the fine motifs of ‘Gods of Olympus’ were ready. Shapely Greek elements, ornaments and flourishes were immortalized artfully on this real gold coins, which immerse the viewer in the Greek world. Besides the deities themselves on each gold coin continues the attribute shown what distinguishes the Deity according to the mythology. Furthermore, a private embossed characters embossed on each gold coin that reflects the membership of the completed collection.

Complete your collection with this high quality complete set for the impressive Olympian gods to the smallest gold coins in the world today!






$1 USD 0.585 GOLD (14kt) 0.5 g x 10 11.0 mm PROOF  7,500 YES / YES

COINS 8-10