Gimme five!! The Hand of Hamsa stackable continues the most thematically varied silver bullion range around

Nature, history, national iconography, and even pirates have all graced the reverse faces of bullion coin ranges from the world’s biggest producers. Coins Today’s range of stackable silver bullion offerings are considerably harder to pigeon-hole, meandering through a veritable encyclopedia of subjects in the pursuit of inventive design. It all kicked-off in top gear with a terrific Doggaebi release, and since then we’ve had medieval European history, space telescopes, chess, mythology, and even polygonal masks.

The next one to drop is the fabled Hand of Hamsa. Known by many names, unsurprising since it may date back to Phoenician times as old as 1500 BCE, the Islamic form, has been used as a symbol of peace, and can be depicted in both symmetrical and asymmetrical forms. The five fingers are linked with the Five Pillars of Islam, and it’s most commonly found as an amulet.

It’s another super design, incorporating high-relief, a shaped outline, and a level of intricacy normally associated with a proof coin. Here, it’s lightly antiqued, but there may be variations of that for future releases. As before, it’s fully stackable, with the obverse carrying a perfect, negative impression of the reverse. The mintage is unlimited, and it’s an undenominated 0.999 silver bullion round of two-ounce weight. An interesting addition to an incredible range (We just got our hands on a Shield of Henry II, and it’s everything I hoped. ). We never know what’s coming next, and we absolutely love that.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
DIMENSIONS 60.0 x 48.0 mm
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Shaped, high-relief, stackable
MINTAGE Unlimited
BOX / C.O.A. No / No