Germania silver bullion returns with a limited mintage pair of innovative new variants

It’s fair to say since its debut in September that that the new Germania 1oz silver bullion round has been a big hit. One look at the coin will tell you why, because it’s a beautiful piece. The design of both faces is top notch. The personification of Germania in female form on the reverse face looked good, and the obverse with the double-headed eagle in the centre was quite superb. You can see more of it in our earlier article.

The Germania Mint promised some limited mintage specials based on the design and they’re finally here. Two new issues are on offer and both bring something new with them. The most striking of the pair is the ‘Space Blue’ version. Employing a galvanic ennobling technique (electro-plating), the round has a blue coating over the backgrounds of both faces. Space Blue is a proprietary technique of the Kurowski Group – a well established coin mint with a busy development program – and certainly looks striking enough. The inscribed serial number at the bottom is a nice touch and there will be just 500 of these produced.

The second issue is a more complex affair, with five types of ennobling employed to make this a very distinctive piece. The obverse is beautiful, as it uses black ruthenium and yellow-gold gilding to create a contrasty, but elegant look, much like AllCollect’s Golden Enigma aftermarket-modded coins. The reverse face is a bit more complex. As well as the silver from the base round itself, and the ruthenium and yellow-gold gilding from the obverse, the reverse also has a rose-gold gilded cloak, a white rhodium sword. and a palladium shield. Given how fine some of these details are, it’s an impressive achievement and we look forward to seeing how well they’ve pulled it off in the finished article. Again, just 500 are being produced.

Both variants should be available soon (from 17.12.2018) and both come boxed with a certificate of authenticity. The mint is even using Quadrum capsules for that extra nice touch. With small mintages and using a well regarded design, we can see these striking a chord with collectors in much the same way that many of the Perth Mint specials of their bullion designs also seem to do. Can’t wait to see what comes from the Germania Mint in 2019.


Germania Mint introduces an extraordinary Collector’s Edition “2019 Germania Space Blue”. The coin is ennobled with a brand new coating, equally mysterious as the figure of Germania itself. The mintage of the coin is certified up to 500 pieces. Each coin has been numbered using a new method, in which the number is placed on the relief and not on the edge as usually.

OBVERSE: The figure of Germania and all inscriptions remain in pure silver, while rest of the coin is covered with a new coating called “Space Blue”. That kind of innovative galvanic ennobling technique creates a noble and metallic character on the surface. The effect is exceptional to achieve on pure silver coins.

REVERSE: On the other side of the coin the “Space Blue” coating is also placed selectively, which results with blue metallic background and pure silver elements of the relief. The “Space Blue” ennobling creates a transparent surface, which allows to keep all of the details and the mirror surface undisturbed.


MINTS DESCRIPTION: Germania Mint introduces an extraordinary Collector’s edition “2019 Germania 6 Precious Metals”, a coin ennobled with 6 precious metals– Silver, Ruthenium, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium and White Rhodium. The mintage of the coin is certified up to 500 pieces. Each coin has been numbered, with the figures placed on the relief and not on the edge as usually.

OBVERSE: The inner ring plated with gold emphasizes the precision of the ruthenium-plated inscriptions. Ruthenium dark background is in contrast to a shiny golden dress, a rose gold coat and a palladium shield. The head with arms remains in pure silver, while the sword is plated with white ruthenium. The whole design is finished by a pure silver rim and numbering on the relief, which makes that kind of ennobling most unique in numismatics.

REVERSE: On the other side of the coin the background is plated with ruthenium. All raised elements of the relief are precisely covered with gold: the two-headed eagle, laurel wreath and the inscriptions. The whole motif is surrounded by a silver rim, which is a challenging technique to achieve on a coin.


DENOMINATION 5 Mark (nominal) 5 Mark (nominal)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 38.61 mm 38.61 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated Brilliant uncirculated
MODIFICATIONS Space Blue Five metal plating/gilding
MINTAGE 500 500
BOX / COA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes