Germania Mint is auctioning a one-off kilogram cast silver bar for charity. Stackers assemble!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization in Poland raising money for paediatric and elderly care. As part of their 31st Finale fundraising, Germania Mint has produced a unique, one-off cast silver bar, emblazoned with an embossed and coloured GOCC auction logo. It’s a full kilogram in weight, and stamped with all the relevant marks that lovers of cast bars expect, and with a hologram on the back containing an identification code.

The auction is live now on the auction site Allegro, and there are notes there from Germania Mint for those that want to buy it from outside of Poland. It finishes on Sun, Jan 29, 2023, 10:00:00 AM, local time. It all comes vacuum sealed in a box, and should make a fine, unique collectible. On top of that, it’s all for a very worthy cause in a time when this kind of help, especially in Poland with the influx of Ukrainian refugees at the moment, is needed most.