Gabriel is the latest stackable silver bullion release in Coins Today’s Angels themed range, joining Lucifer and Michael

The stackable silver bullion range from Coin’s Today continues to grow, and this time it’s an addition to the South Korean producer’s range of angel coins. This series started in the early days of their stackable bullion range, back in 2021, with a neat Archangel Michael shield design, and continued in early 2023 with a terrific Lucifer release. The latest addition is the archangel Gabriel.

It’s another two-ounce 0.999 silver issue, struck to a high relief, and with an antique finish. Like most of CT’s other issues in this range, Gabriel is also fully shaped, eschewing any attempt to follow a standard coin format. That’s been especially well done in this case, with the coin following the arc of the angel’s wings perfectly.

Sitting at the centre is Gabriel, blowing a trumpet and fulfilling his role as the angel tasked with communicating Gods will to his prophets and peoples, and he has that role in most of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) in one form or another. The wings that form the shape of the coin are separate from those of Gabriel, who has his own, to scale, in the concave centre.

As always, this issue is fully stackable, and the obverse is a negative imprint of the reverse face. The composition of the piece is engraved on its edge, and each is supplied encapsulated. Another really impressive example of the genre. We remain astonished at how complex these have become, yet still retaining the stackability that makes them so collectable. Available to order now.

Undenominated 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 45.0 x 60.0 mm Antique Unlimited