Fun on the beach. A journey through our childhood memories inspires Powercoin’s latest silver coin series

Powercoin, the Rome-based producer, has carved itself out a great reputation for coins with more unusual styles and themes, going way back almost a decade to their nanochip adorned fine-art issues. Their latest coin, released today, is the first in a new series called ‘Childhood Memories’, and will bring to numismatic life some of our deepest and fondest memories from our earliest years.

The first coin is all about sandcastles, a popular childhood pastime during the summer holidays. The depiction on the coin is very distinctive, and seems to show a castle, one vaguely in the style of the French icon, Mont Saint Michel, surrounded by swirling waters. It’s the depiction of the waves that lifts this design for us, full of dynamism, and flowing around the sandcastle. The way the issue date has been incorporated is especially neat, and the colour palette is top-notch.

The obverse design carries on that childhood theme with a child having fun on a swing, hanging from what we assume is a celestial body (Sun or Moon), on which is struck the coat-of-arms of Palau. It’s all nicely framed with some tree foliage. It’s always good to see an effort being made to customise the obverse of a coin, rather than just regurgitating the usual effigy/emblem of many.

There’s a box with a Certificate of Authenticity, of course, and the three-ounce coin has a mintage limit of 499 pieces. Another fine, unique release from a producer noted for them. The combination of excellent colour choice, smartminted high-relief, and a flowing artistic technique, should give this much appeal to the collector looking for something a little different from the norm. Available now.

COMPOSITION 93.3 g of 0.999 silver
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, colour