Four Heavenly Kings coin series continues with Chiguotian, the King of the East, and the’Upholder of the Nation’

Last year, Pela-Coins and the Mint of Poland released the first of their ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ silver coins. Each of the kings guards one of the major compass directions, and the first coin featured Duowentian, the leader of the four and the protector of the north. A terrific design, we thought it boded well for future issues, and we’re glad to see that this has indeed turned out to be the case.

The second release is Chiguotian, the Protector of the East. From an aesthetic point of view, this is one of the more esoteric characters, complete with his musical instrument instead of a weapon. The artist of the coin has done an incredible job bringing him to life. These ancient mythology coins from the Mint of Poland have always exhibited a superb balance between high relief and detail, but the intracacy of the design here is very impressive indeed.

The central figure, complete with halo-like wheel of flame is beautifully done, but there’s so much going on in every part of the reverse face. It’s very dynamic and must have been an arduous process to bring to fruition. The obverse is relatively simple in terms of similar series, with the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II taking up most of the face, A small border, partly filled with an Asian-inspired floral pattern is the main piece of customisation.

This is a two-ounce silver coin, antique-finished and rimless, with some small and well chosen bits of gilded highlighting. Packaging is comprised of a wooden box, and a Certificate of Authenticity, all inside a themed slipcover. Another fine release in what has been one of the most consistently well realised genres in modern numismatics. Available to order shortly, it has a mintage of 555 pieces, and is produced by Pela-Coins.


The Four Heavenly Kings are four Buddhist gods, which originate from the Indian version of Lokapalas, each of whom is believed to watch over one cardinal direction of the world. In Chinese mythology, they are known collectively as the “Sì Dà Tiānwáng” (Chinese: 四大天王; literally: ‘Four Great Heavenly Kings’). They are the protectors of the world and fighters of evil, each able to command a legion of supernatural creatures to protect the Dharma.

CHIGUOTIAN: Also known as Dhrtarastra, or Dhataraṭṭha, he is the Guardian of the East and in some cultures, the god of music. In the majority of East Asian cultures he is depicted holding an instrument, in the case of China, a pipa. This was to help convert sentient beings to Buddhism. His name means ‘King who holds a country’, and his colour of association is white.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, gilding
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes