Five new Chibi coins from the New Zealand Mint, with Star Wars, DC, and Marvel characters featured

We’ve been a little behind this month on the New Zealand Mint stuff, as our contact there has moved on, and we’ve been setting up with the new one, so we haven’t had our image pack for long. Normality should return next month. We’ll get the May issues integrated into our various articles, Thematic Guides, and Coin Series Profiles as soon as possible. As there are so many of them this month, we’ve integrated Chibi into its profile first of all.

You can see the designs above, and there’s a heavy leaning towards Star Wars, with a couple of classics based around the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. In addition, we also have an affiliate link with the mint now, so please, if you do want to buy them, click the banner ad below. We get a small commission at zero cost to you. Also, please allow ads in your ad-blocker for the site. What ads we have are simple image ones, hosted completely on site, and custom chosen for relevance. Our Where to Buy page is built using them, so you will need to disable it to use the page. Our ads won’t follow you around, and they do provide us a minimal income at least. Thank you all, and have a great weekend.