One of the most talked about coins of recent months has been the debut release of a new series of lunar coins from a brand new mint. Called ‘Lunar Skulls’ the coins exhibit a fresh approach to the lunar market by moving away from depictions of the animal, or a stylised version of one, for something a little more off-beat; their skulls.

Striking it lucky, given the goat is one of the harder lunar animals to depict well, yet has an extremely cool looking skull, the coin has created some serious buzz. Even on the initial eBay sales run (Son Montuno has an ebay store), the proof coins had doubled in price and were still selling as fast as they were posted.

There were some concerns, including my own, that the coin wouldn’t live up to the potential of the original line-art, but the images tell a different story. A first class effort: well done to all involved.

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