Finnish nature showcase on a new pair of silver coins based on an award-winning photograph

Finland have debuted their latest proof silver coin and instead of one of the unusual stylistic designs with an equally unusual subject that they seem to specialise in, the Mint of Finland has released a nature coin. Reproducing an award-winning photograph of a crow by Finnish nature photographer Kari Auvinen, it’s a straightforward transition, with a little added detail instead of going with a silhouette look.

In typical Finnish fashion there will be two variants up for grabs. The one of most interest will be the €20 coin struck in 25.5 grams of sterling silver. It’s crown-sized so despite coming in at under an ounce in weight, it still manages to attain a good diameter. Some 5,000 of these coins will be struck and they will sell for $61.00. A very limited run of numbered coins, just 100 pieces, will be sold packaged in a glass case and these are quite well sought after, although at €100, considerably more expensive.

A cheaper variant with a mintage of 10,000 (100 numbered coins will be randomly mixed into the mintage) is also available. At just 10.0 grams in weight with a 28.5 mm diameter, it’s a lot smaller and struck in silver that’s only 50% pure (0.500). Easily the cheapest way to get the design, this version sells for €38.00. The design remains the same on both the €20 and €10 euro coins, with just the denomination on the obverse differing. The obverse is quite sparse, containing just the text ‘2017 SUOMI FINLAND xx EURO’ on what looks to be a lightly textured background meant to simulate the moon.

A nice change for Finnish coin collectors, if not one pushing any boundaries in the wider nature coin market. Both are packaged in neat-looking boxes although they’re not as solid as a traditional coin box. Available to pre-order now, the coin will ship from the 18th September.



A commemorative coin paying tribute to Finland’s nature will be launched on 18 September. The coin is part of the Finland 100 programme celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence. Its design is based on the winning shot in the Blue and White special category of the Nature Photograph of the Year contest. The Finnish Nature commemorative coin will be struck in nominal values of EUR 10 and 20.

The winning photograph was shot by experienced nature photographer Kari Auvinen. ”I felt it important to shoot something that touches the everyday lives of every person in Finland. The crow is a clever bird familiar to everyone in Finland. And the full moon is rarely as glorious as it was shining behind the lighthouse island of Harmaja, when I took the shot from the shore”, Auvinen says.

The coin will be stamped with the images from Auvinen’s photograph: the full moon over Harmaja and a crow gazing down on the world from its perch. The crow symbolises the modern Finnish character – an outwardly common but intelligent bird that reacts flexibly to new situations. As per the rules of the competition, the winning photograph was compiled from two shots.

The maximum mintage of the EUR 10 silver Finnish Nature collector coin is 10,000, and 100 coins will be numbered. The number is stamped on the coin’s reverse, and the numbered coins will be mixed into the mintage at random. The mintage of the EUR 20 collector coins is 5,000, with 100 coins numbered and sold separately.

The silver coins manufactured in Mint of Finland’s Vantaa factory bear the Key Flag Symbol of Finnish Origin issued by the Association for Finnish Work.


NAME 2017 €20 NATURE 2017 €10 NATURE
DENOMINATION €20 Euro €10 Euro
COMPOSITION 0.925 silver 0.500 silver
WEIGHT 25.5 grams 10.0 grams
DIAMETER 38.60 mm 28.50 mm
FINISH Proof Proof
MINTAGE 5,000 (100 numbered) 10,000 (100 numbered)
BOX / COA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes