Coming out of nowhere last year was what can only be described as one of the oddest coins of 2014, the Bar of Chocolate coin. Issued, without a sense of irony for the Cook Islands, the coin was basically shaped like a small half-unwrapped bar of chocolate and when rubbed, gave off the odour of it. We thought it would be a one-off novelty item, but it’s obviously been successful enough to spawn a sequel (main course?), hence we now find ourselves looking at a pizza coin.

As before, the coin is struck in fine silver but is far more traditionally shaped, opting for the whole pizza rather than just a slice. The main, reverse face depicts a loaded-up pizza with a single slice missing, revealing the proof finish silver background. The rest is quite vibrantly coloured with what looks like some pretty fine quality pad printing. Also like last years chocolate coin, rubbing the surface gently results in the wafting smell of a slice of pizza. We’re not sure how many will actually want to rub a silver coin, or be treated to the odour of pizza, but it’s an unusual novelty either way.

Packaging is quite cleverly, a pizza box, and if this type of coin is your thing, and it seems to be a growing trend of the last couple of years, then this likely won’t disappoint. Available from Downies in Australia, it will also likely appear elsewhere if the chocolate coin is any indicator. This Solomon Islands issued coin with a 1,500 mintage is selling for $129.00 AUD. The current weak state of the Aussie Dollar, means some much better prices for international buyers as well.


Instantly reminiscent of heavenly herbs, melted mozzarella and sizzling salami, this ‘rub & sniff’ 99.9% pure silver coin smells like real pizza! With the collector market having a voracious appetite for ‘that something different’, the mintage of just 1,500 is sure to be gobbled up at speed. Act now, and make sure you get a slice of the action!

  • Stunning full-colour design – smells like real pizza!
  • Struck to BU quality from 20g of 99.9% pure silver
  • Tiny worldwide mintage restricted to just 1,500 coins
  • Official Solomon Islands legal tender – spans 38.61mm
  • Superbly presented within a brilliant pizza box!
  • A tasty addition to your own collection – or a glorious gourmet gift!





$5 SOLOMON ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 20.0 g 38.61 mm B/UNC 1,500 YES / YES