Famous ship, HMS Bounty appears on a second silver bullion coin

We seem to be in the middle of an unplanned run of Niue releases, there’s another later today and one tomorrow, and also a run of new silver bullion coin designs (Panda, Krugerrand, Britannia & Rooster, Great Wave), so it’s certainly different that we have a coin here that combines both trends. A whole new release issued for Niue, not a continuation of an existing one, this HMS Bounty is not to be confused with the identically themed effort issued for the Cook Islands, ironically the island group to which Niue was originally a part.

The design here looks decent enough. A depiction of the famous 18th century sailing vessel, the HMS Bounty, it’s a more artistic representation than the slightly clinical looking Cook Islands coin that’s been available for many years now. The surrounding nautical compass design is a good frame for it, the only detraction being a more comprehensive than normal composition inscription. The obverse has a radial-line pattern as its background, much like the newer Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins, on which is the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The issue, date and denomination are inscribed around it.

The coin is distributed worldwide by an American bullion dealer called Money Metals Exchange. Premiums on it are very low for a denominated bullion coin, less than the other major bullion coins if MME maintain them at this level, making this a highly attractive choice. A decent design, struck by a well-regarded mint, issued for a Commonwealth country, and with a very low premium. There’s little not to like here. We’ll try to get hold of one to produce some better photographs.

CORRECTION: Despite the MME page, this is not a New Zealand Mint produced coin



Money Metals is pleased to announce that we have  been designated as the only dealer worldwide for a stunning new 1 oz .999 silver coin, the New Zealand Mint’s 2017 “HMS Bounty” – the lowest priced 1 oz legal tender silver coin in the world, period!

The content and purity of the NZ Bounty are identical to those of silver American Eagles, yet premiums on this exciting new issue are much lower. The NZ Bounty is also priced lower than the Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, British Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, or any other legal tender coin available.

The NZ Bounty is not only an outstanding value in legal tender silver. It’s also a spectacular coin. The obverse depicts Her Majesty’s Ship Bounty under sail, circumscribed by an eight-point compass. The reverse features Queen Elizabeth II and bears the coin’s $2 legal tender denomination. Its weight, purity, and legal tender status are backed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the official bank of New Zealand.

The HMS Bounty: A three-masted merchant vessel built in England in 1784, the HMS Bounty was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1787. She was sent to the Pacific under command of William Bligh to acquire breadfruit plants from Tahiti and transport them to the British West Indies in hopes of producing edible harvests. In September 1788, the ship sailed past the southern tip of New Zealand on its long and arduous voyage. The mission was aborted in April 1789 following a mutiny led by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian. This was the famous Mutiny on the Bounty, subject of three films including the 1935 classic starring Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. The mutineers burned the ship on Pitcairn Island in 1780 in order to avoid detection by the Royal Navy, which sought to return them to England for trial. The remains of the Bounty were discovered in 1957, and various parts have been salvaged. Though its service was short and its end tragic, the Bounty remains a bold symbol of the global quest for wealth and prosperity.




$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 39.0 mm BULLION  T.B.C. NO / NO