The Harry Potter wizarding universe comes to precious metal numismatics with eight new coins

One of the most popular literary and movie characters of all time, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has enthralled fantasy fans for the last couple of decades since its first British publication in 1997. Spanning seven novels that were serialised in eight movies, the Harry Potter Universe has a firm grip on third place in the biggest grossing movie franchises of all time ($9.2b), with three more Fantastic Beasts movies still to come at the time of writing.

It’s hard to imagine doing much better than that, but the original novels have managed it with ease. The biggest selling novels of all time, with over half a BILLION having been printed, they’ve been translated into eighty languages. The last four novels each successively broke the record for fastest selling book of all time, with the last one moving 11 million copies in 24 hours! So where are all the coins then?

Remarkably absent from the precious metal coin world, despite a plethora of big name and big money licences making appearances over the last few years, Harry Potter is finally joining the club with a new eight-issue set of coloured, one-ounce character proof coins in fine 0.999 silver. Each of the coins showcases one of the major characters in full colour using their movie personas, with a differing view of Hogwarts cleanly struck in the background field. Issued for Fiji, that nations coat of arms fills much of the obverse, along with inscribed issue and composition details.

No complaints about packaging. Each coin comes in an individually themed box that holds the encapsulated coin, and can even hold it if placed in an NGC graded slab. As with some of this producers popular Marvel-themed releases, a fantastic touch is the certificate of authenticity being made of fine silver. With their own custom artwork, along with the serial number (2,000 of each will be struck), it’s almost like getting a silver foil with every coin. Available from next week, this is a long awaited dip into this ultra-popular franchise for coin collectors around the world.

The short character notes below are from a site called The Harry Potter Lexicon, and if you have any interest in this fictional universe, it’s a fine place to dabble in and written by fans rather than a commercial enterprise.


Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the hero of the Wizarding world. He grew up with Muggles, and then came to Hogwarts where he faced dangers and terrors beyond his years. He, along with his friends Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom, destroyed Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Harry faced Voldemort at the end of a climactic battle in Hogwarts castle and defeated him.


Resourceful, principled and brilliant, Hermione Jean Granger is easily the brightest witch of her generation. She, along with Ron Weasley, is one of Harry Potter’s closest friends. She is also Muggle-born (her parents were dentists), and so is a living, breathing example of the fallacy of pureblood wizard supremacy.


Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s best friend and the youngest son of Molly and Arthur Weasley. The story of Ron’s life is one of being overshadowed by his family and friends, yet it is Ron’s heart and humour that have solidified his friendships and given those around him the support they needed to carry through . Tall and gangly with bright red hair and freckles, Ron has a way of keeping things light-hearted that makes him well-liked, despite occasional bouts of stress. He also played an instrumental role in Voldemort’s defeat, and though history may not remember him for it as it will Harry, Ron learned as he grew that this did not make him any less important.


Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts for close to forty years, a time period that encompassed both of Voldemort’s attempts to take over the Wizarding world. Considered to be the most powerful wizard of his time, Dumbledore was awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, and was the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards as well as the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.


Severus Snape was Potions Master, Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Head of Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; he succeeded Dumbledore as Headmaster. He was personally killed by Lord Voldemort and his snake, Nagini.


Lord Voldemort, born Tom Marvolo Riddle, was the son of Merope Gaunt (a descendent of Salazar Slytherin) and Tom Riddle, a handsome, wealthy Muggle from Little Hangleton whom Merope ensnared with a love potion. When her husband found out she was a witch, he abandoned her while she was pregnant (HBP10). Tom’s mother died shortly after giving birth to him one December 31, living just long enough to name him Tom Riddle, after his father and Marvolo, after his grandfather.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, the half-blood orphan, was to transform himself into Lord Voldemort and take control of the Wizarding world by manipulating the festering relationship between pureblood and Muggle-born wizards. Eventually he would lose all – not because he lacked power, but because of his ruthless methods, his inability to love or trust anyone but himself, and his belief in his own infallibility. As he told Quirrell, he believed that “there is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.”


Draco Malfoy is the son and only child of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and was a student at Hogwarts in the same year as Harry Potter. He is a rival of Harry, actively trying to undermine him in any way he can. Draco has white-blond hair and a pale, pointed face. He owns an eagle owl which made almost daily deliveries of sweets from home. Draco became the Slytherin Quidditch Seeker after his father made a generous donation of Nimbus 2001 brooms to the team.


Bellatrix Lestrange was one of Voldemort’s most devoted Death Eaters, a cruel and vicious woman who was guilty of torturing and murdering wizards and Muggles alike. Bella, as she was sometimes called, was the oldest daughter of Druella Rosier and Cygnus Black of the “Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.” Her sisters are Narcissa Malfoy and Andromeda Tonks. A particularly enthusiastic member of Voldemort’s inner circle of Death Eaters, Bella relishes causing pain, especially when her victims are powerless; her specialty is the Unforgivable Cruciatus Curse.



COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIAMETER 40.0 mm
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes