Extinct Predators semi-numismatic silver bullion coin series gets a boost with multiple new releases

An interesting, if pricey addition to the limited mintage silver bullion market, AllCollect’s ‘Predator’ series was an eclectic mix of subjects from the natural world, brought to life with a mix of finishes on the same face. All were one-ounce 0.999 silver coins, although there was a limited minigold subscription set done for the odd German TV shopping network, where coins are pretty popular.

We’ve already touched on this sequel (prequel…!) series as part of a wider article back in early October, with the reveal of the debut coin, but we’re pleased to see many more raise their heads (or tails…) since then. Now, at present, we’ve only seen these at US dealer APMEX, and given the tight mintage, we’d not expect these to show up at many more places.

As you know, we love the prehistoric world here, so these are off to a flying start on the appeal front for me, but it is great to see some real effort put into each design, as well as the eschewing of all the usual subjects for some rarer ones. Sure, there’s a Spinosaurus and a Megalodon, but there’s also the ‘Terror Bird’, the chicken from hell!, and a mix of mammals and reptiles, both terrestrial and marine. The DNA taken from the original series is evident, but these are a bit more polished to my eye.

There’s a common arcing section to the bottom left replete with fossils, and the coin title sits squarely on top, but the rest is unique to each issue. Pride of place is taken by the subject, each looking correct, with the Spinosaurus neatly sidestepping the latest theories on the tail and the habitat by just showing the front of this absolutely huge predator. A piece of fossil evidence is dropped onto the boundary area between background and midground areas – a tooth, or a skull. All the designs exhibit a good sense of anatomy.

These are, like Predators, issued for the Democratic Republic of Congo, and that nations neat coat-of-arms takes centre-stage. Just 5,000 pieces of each of these coins will be produced. They do seem to be attracting quite a high premium, so these are aimed more at the collector than the stacker, but that’s fine – there’s plenty of options for the stacker – but be aware. As we said, APMEX seems to be the place to get these at present, but availability may get wider in the coming weeks. A very well done, if pricey series of limited silver bullion coins. Available now.

DENOMINATION 20 Francs CFA (Congo)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
MINTAGE 5,000 per design
BOX / C.O.A. No/ / No