The 2024 European Championship starts on June 14th, and MDM are ready for kick-off with a spherical silver ball coin

The UEFA European Football Championship, as it’s formally known, takes place every four years, and is the second most watched football event in the world, beaten only by the FIFA World Cup. Held every four years, in 2016, the final was watched by 600 million people. Taking place in Germany this year, 24 teams will again fight it out through the group and knockout stages, until it’s inevitably won by England. I may regret that last sentence…

German producer, MDM Wholesale, always puts on a good show with a range of coins for many major sporting events, especially football, and Euro 24 is certainly no exception. They’re offering a huge range containing everything from banknotes, through base-metal coins, to minigold collections. We’ll have a look at some of those next week, but blowing the whistle is a speciality at MDM, the spherical coin.

MDM has issued a wide range of these over the last few years, usually hollow, in the 1-3 ounce range, and usually themed around astronomy, but there have been solid silver wildlife designs hitting the scales at a kilo. Closest in concept to this coin was a cricket ball issued for the 2022 ICC Cricket World Cup, but this football seems particularly well suited to the concept, formed as it is from well-defined hexagonal panels. It’s a big one at 70 mm in diameter, formed from three-ounces of fine silver.

Most of the ‘panels’ carry some iconography from the tournament, a mix of national colours, and line images of the ten stadiums that will host the matches. The tournament logo (a real ugly affair…) also fills a panel. It all works together to make a neat, coherent theme. If you only want to buy a single coin to mark this epic tournament, we’d recommend this one for its unique take, and completeness. The mintage of 2,024 is generous for a three-ounce coin, and the presentation makes display easy. Available now.


$10 (Solomon Islands) 93.3 g of 0.999 silver 70 mm Antique, Colour 2,024