Eternal Sculptures II’s second issue is based on an amazing piece of work by Genoese artist, Francesco Queirolo

After a fine five-coin run, Powercoin’s ‘Eternal Sculptures’ series, that debuted in 2016, ended, but its popularity meant it soon returned, but using a new format. The transition from two-ounce silver, to three ounces, has brought with it the inevitable price increase, but it’s also enabled a more impressive size – something always beneficial when you’re depicting something as intricate as marble works of art.

The work of art in question this time is a stunning example of just what is possible with marble as a medium. The work, Il Disinganno, by Genoese artist, Francesco Queirolo, was carved from a single block of marble, and as someone who spent 30 years working with marble and other stone, I can tell you the workmanship on show here is just breathtaking. To be able to carve a rope net from a block of this size, is fantastic. To be able to do it as part of a massive composition, is something else entirely. Check out the video below for a closer look at this gorgeous piece of art.

So, we determined the choice of inspiration was perfect, but what have Powercoin done with it? Eschewing the marble colouration of Series I, the Black Proof finish of Series II is contrasted with what Powercoin have christened ‘Metallic Marble Effect’. The benefit of this seems to be an ability to maintain higher levels of fine detail that would normally be lost during the colour application. That’s an important point for this work, given the fisherman’s net that is incorporated on both faces.

The tried and tested formula of having a wider look at the sculpture on the reverse face, and a close-up of part of it on the obverse, remains. Both excel in showing us just how impressive the 18th century original work really was, and are also fine examples of Smartminting’s prowess at the same time. It’s an attractive coin, for sure. Neatly presented in a gloss-black wooden box with a Certificate of Authenticity, Il Disinganno is available to order now, and is limited to 499 pieces. For more on the statue, visit the museum’s site.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
FINISH Black proof
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, Smartminting
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes