Eternal Sculptures series returns with a celebration of Bernini’s extraordinary Rape of Proserpina statue

The third issue in Italian coin dealer Powercoins excellent Eternal Sculptures series has just been released and looks to carry on the sterling work of its two CIT-produced forebears. The first coin depicted a work from the end of the eighteenth century called Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss by the artist Antonio Cavana, and the second the incredibly iconic sculpture, the Venus de Milo, a two-millenia old Greek masterpiece.

This time out is a very impressive work of art by the acknowledged Italian master, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The 2.25m tall statue in marble is called the Rape of Proserpina and depicts the ancient legend of the abduction of Proserpina/Persephone by the god of the underworld. A work of the highest order, the representation on the coin is a bold and clever one, just like the first two issues were.

The statue is struck in high relief using CIT/BH Mayers proprietry SmartMinting technology so that it appears on both faces of the coin, showing the back and front view of the work. Picked out with colouring meant to replicate the famous Italian white marbles used for the original, it stands out easily against the black proof finish that adorns the rest of the coin. We’ve yet to see an actual coin, but the first two would indicate that this one won’t disappoint when it ships.

The coin will ship at the end of March and is supplied in a glossy black wooden box and with a certificate of authenticity. Struck in two ounces of fine silver, just 999 of them will be produced and it will retail for €229.95. It’s available from site sponsors Powercoin, First Coin Company, Pela Coins, and Coins Boutique. Well worth looking out for if you’re an art fan, and even if there were more competitors in the genre than there are, we think this one would still stand out for its bold design.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
DIAMETER 38.61 mm
FINISH Black proof
BOX / COA yes / yes