One of the biggest coin series of recent times has been Coin Invest Trusts super Mountains and Flora range. A relatively simple series of proof silver coins depicting some of the world’s greatest mountain peaks, each coin features a small coloured area showing some of the flora associated with the mountain in question. Although only launching back in 2009, there are now an amazing 61 of the coins to date.

The 60th coin to come out is Jungfrau, and the 61st is the stunning Mount Cook in New Zealand. These coin don’t carry the glamour and pizazz of some of the more high end coins out there, even from CIT themselves, but they’re a good looking and affordable series which we highly recommend. To that end, we did a guide a couple of years back that took me absolutely ages to put together, and like all our guides, we try to update them as often as we can. Just click the pic or the usual blue button below to go check out the multiple tabs full of great images of this attractive set.