Early November updates with guide revisions, tweaks, and more…

Been a while since the last roundup of updates, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been going on, of course. We’ve had a terrific October filled with some extremely high quality issues, no doubt backed up by the first wave of Covid-19 disruption. November and December are traditionally quieter months anyway, but with a second wave of infections picking up steam in the US and Europe, we’re expecting delays to come back again. Nevertheless, a couple of our favourite European producers have new additions coming before years end.

On top of the updates, the Bullion Profile selection has seen the addition of the Royal Mint’s ‘Queen’s Beasts’, the Royal Australian Mint’s ‘Australian Shipwrecks’, and LPM’s popular ‘Dragon Dollar Restrikes. We’ll be adding more of these over the next few months, as well as finally getting a long-awaited roundup together. Suggestions are welcome. Additions to older guides continue, such as Allcollect’s ‘Predators’ (a huge update now including the minigolds) and Scottsdales ‘Limited Mintage’ and ‘EC8’ ranges.

Our Active Coin Series Profiles selection has also seen new additions. CIT’s beautiful ‘Seven Summits’ smartminted mountain series has its own guide, as does the Czech Mint’s ‘Mythical Beasts’ gold and silver proof series, which should build up over the next couple of years. Doing a guide for the New Zealand Mint’s large and rapidly evolving ‘Chibi’ range was a no-brainer, with every release closing in on a sell out in pretty rapid order. Some new silhouettes were added to it just this week thanks to a heads up from reader Adam R. New releases have been added to several of the old guides, including Scottsdales epic Biblical programme. The rush of silver foils on the market has abated somewhat, but we’ve moved the latest ‘Craig-Era Bond’ quintet to the Foil Series Profile page.

The Where to Buy page has been cleaned up considerably, now formating much more efficiently and evenly, and we’ve added a few more mints as well. The Bullion Sales graphs have been updated, although we’re still waiting for the Perth Mints October numbers. I’m continuing to tweak behind the scenes, so let me know if anything gets broken. We were down for about 48 hours a couple of weekends ago which turned out to be a mistake on our hosts part. The offered compensation was worth less than £3… Unbelievable. Anyway, stay safe and continue to make suggestions and use the comments freely. As always, any donations via the PayPal button below are hugely appreciated. I had a comment that perhaps people were not donating because they think the site brings in YouTube influencer money and he doesn’t need it. I can absolutely assure you that is not the case. Sadly… 😉 Thanks for reading and stay safe.