Early July updates

Just a quick round up of updates to keep you aware of guides and profiles that have been made current. The BULLION COIN PROFILES for Scottsdale Mints limited series (new half-ounce Serpent of Milan), Eastern Caribbean 8 (first 2020 issue), and AllCollect’s Predators (Panthera Tigris) are brought up to date.

As for COIN SERIES PROFILES, those for Biblical Stories (first 2020 issue), Animal Champions (2 new coins) and a few other bits, have also been revised. The BULLION SALES graphs have been revised with the latest figures running through to the end of June.

In a few hours time we’ll have a world exclusive look at a new bullion coin, with two variants, and then we’re taking a few days off. If any new and interesting comes up in the meantime, we’ll cover it of course. Stay safe and take a break.