With 2014 now over and the United States Mint releasing the last of the years sales figures for its American Eagle bullion coin program, it’s time for a quick look at the figures and the trends are pretty clear.

With silver sales breaking the all-time record at 44,006,000 ounces, despite selling out of the 2014 allocation early, the mint obviously has no problem shifting them, although to who is less clear. An interesting bit of speculation over at Silverseek.com is worth a read, although the truth of it is impossible to determine. Whatever the reasons, sales have been showing a gentle increase over the last half-decade. Will it continue in 2015?

Gold has had an absolute nighmare of a year. The trend for American Gold Eagle sales is firmly down, and at a much greater gradient than the rise in silver. From a healthy 1.2m ounces in 2010, sales for 2014 scraped their way to a paltry 524,500 ounces, down a staggering 38.5% on 2013, and the lowest since 2007. The US Mint isn’t alone as gold sales at Perth and especially the Royal Canadian mints, are equally poor. Failing some serious movement in world economic conditions and some volatility in the price of gold, will gold’s prospects pick up in 2015?

Don’t forget to check out monthly sales for gold and silver bullion coins at the Perth, United States and Royal Canadian Mint’s which we update every month. over on our Bullion Sales page.


As we’ve said, silver sales have broken all previous records but more interesting is the trend since 2010 of gradually increasing annual sales numbers, with the exception of the blip in 2012.

The numbers for 1990 and 2000 look positively anaemic in comparison, highlighting how popular silver has become in bullion coin terms.


Gold, in direct contrast to silver’s fortunes, can clearly be seen trending a pronounced downward fall, with sales dropping well over 50% in the last five years.

You have to go back to 2007 to see numbers lower than those of 2014, so clearly gold has become less attractive to buyers of late.