Scottsdale’s SIlverback Gorilla swings into view with a fourth silver bullion coin

While Scottsdale continue to spread their wings in the limited bullion coin market with a fine selection of niche designs, it’s good to see the mint keep faith with its core ranges as well. The Silverback Gorilla series is now on its fourth annual release and obviously popular as Scottsdale have maintained the mintage at the higher 75,000 limit that was introduced with the second coin.

Clearly a member of the Silverback family, the design depicts a close-up of of one of these hugely impressive creatures. A little less dynamic than the last couple of issues, particularly the 2015 and 2017 coins, it’s still a good looking piece. The border from previous issues is back exactly as before, bar the issue date for obvious reasons. Issued for the Republic of Congo, the obverse carries their attractive national coat-of-arms, one we’ve noted before is a good fit for the series theme.

No changes to specification or choice. A single format is on offer – a one ounce 0.999 silver coin that is sold encapsulated either singly or in strips of five. Scottsdale bullion coins seem to be turning up at more and more dealers, so you should have little trouble getting what you need. A good entrant in what has become this mints highest profile legal tender bullion series. It should be available to order any time now.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE 75,000
BOX / COA Encapsulated / Sheets of five