Deals page now live. Check out offers from our advertisers

On the menu you will now see a new option called COIN DEALS. This is a new page that we’ll place any deals that our advertisers are offering. There could be discounts, freebies or whatever else they’re offering, so keep an eye on it and there may be something that catches your eye. We’ve tried this before and we’re giving it one more go.

This is something we’re offering free to our advertisers at present, so we have no financial stake in it and its popularity will depend on the advertisers offering stuff and our readers liking whats on offer. It’s early days, but you have to start somewhere right?

Any feedback, let us know. We’ll likely tweet out when a new deal goes out, so follow us for the heads up. There are some good discounts at Powercoin to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and Minted-UK are offering free Coca Cola bottlecap coins for people spending £250 or more. Both run out tomorrow. Enjoy.