D-Day 75th – Numiscollect debuts a two-piece bullet coin to mark the epic seaborne invasion

One of major proponents of true dimensional coins, Numiscollect have issued some complex and beautifully detailed examples of this type of coin over the last couple of years. Their Egyptian coins are perfect examples, and the recent Mongolian Ural Owl coin is exquisitely designed, but this latest release is a simpler affair. Bullet-shaped silver bullion isn’t something new and there has been a fairly eclectic selection available for a while now, but not coins.

Rather than just a basic cast affair, Numiscollects latest is split into two half-ounce pieces that can be joined with the inset magnet to form the full bullet shape. Each half is denominated in Tanzanian Shillings on the inner face, with the conjoined pieces sporting a clean exterior. Given the sheer number of these expended on D-Day, the use of a bullet shape to commemorate the anniversary of the operation is quite an appropriate one.

Packaged in a themed box and with an enclosed certificate of authenticity, this 1oz fine silver coin will ship in July and should be available to pre-order shortly.


Codenamed Operation Neptune, the largest seaborne invasion in history and the start of Operation Overlord took place on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 when a huge Allied force began the liberation of German-occupied France. The culmination of a years planning, and even then, it was almost scuppered by the weather, D-Day encompassed an assault on five beaches – Gold, Juno and Sword by British & Commonwealth forces, with Utah & Gold by the US.

Starting with an extensive aerial and naval bombardment and an airborne assault, Allied troops swarmed ashore and encountered heavy resistance, on the beach where the US forces landed, and further inland elsewhere. Casualties were heaviest at Omaha, with its high cliffs and the landing craft came under heavy fire from gun enplacements.

Despite failing to acheive any first day objectives, the push was relentless and eventually led to a break out from the landing zones. The securing of the beaches and the subsequent construction of two Mulberry Harbours led to an influx of men and material that overwhelmed the defending German Army. A rapid securing of air superiority and continued naval dominance meant the days of effective resistance in the West were numbered.

DENOMINATION 2 x 500 Shillings (Tanzania)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 2 x 15.55 grams
DIMENSIONS 2 x 32 x 12 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
BOX / COA Yes / Yes