Artificial Intelligence returns to Numiscollect for a second series, and this time it’s aliens

Just a couple of months ago, we covered Numiscollect’s first steps into AI-generated coin art with a humorous range of ten anthropomorphic cats and dogs coins. Depicting our favourite pets in human jobs, the ten coins had a mintage of just 199 pieces each, and had a common obverse suitably themed. The concept is back for a second run, and this time it’s filled with the classic alien tropes.

There’s another ten coins this time, also issued for Cameroon, and with a common obverse, albeit an all-new alien-themed one for this range. In other respects, the concept remains identical, with a one-ounce silver coin format struck to a proof-like finish, and coloured on the reverse face. Each one is boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, but the mintage has reduced to just 99 pieces of each design, staggeringly low given the affordable format.

As far as reverse design goes, there’s a common border inscribed with “WE ARE NOT ALONE” and “THEY ARE OUT THERE”, but the central colour art is different. Subjects cover most of the old sci-fi classic scenarios. Alien cities, the Greys, the ship over the city (‘V’, ‘Independence Day’), the ship over a pyramid (‘Stargate’), and the ship over the farmhouse (‘Signs’), amongst others. There’s sure to be at least one of the designs that piques your interest. They all look to be of an equally high standard. Available to order now.

1000 Francs CFA (Cameroon) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 40.0 mm Prooflike 99 each