Scottsdales Congo Silverback series of silver bullion coins grows to three with a 2017 release

Despite venturing out into Marlins, Leopards and Japanese art for their one-ounce silver bullion coin range, we’re back on familiar territory here with the third in Scottsdale Mint’s popular Silverback Gorilla series. A single issue per year began in 2015 with a 50,000 mintage coin issued for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last year saw the mintage rise to 75,000 and that number has been maintained for 2017.

As before, the obverse features the national emblem of this African state and it’s a very attractive design; one fitting in perfectly with the coin theme. The issuer and denomination are inscribed on this face. The reverse face depicts a Silverback Gorilla in its natural habitat, mouth open in what appears to be an act of domination. These are large and impressive animals and the design does a good job of putting that fact across. It is a little close to the 2015 design, but a good one regardless. Hopefully 2018 will see a whole new pose, perhaps incorporating more than one gorilla.

Struck in fine 0.999 silver, collectors seem to be happy with the quality of these and we’d expect this one to be popular as well. Each coin is sold encapsulated either singly or in strips of five coins. Only APMEX have these up at present, but we’d expect availability to spread as the week goes on. Premiums are a little higher than the bigger numbers silver bullion coins, but not excessively so given the mintage and packaging.



This is the third release for the series of Republic of Congo Silverback Gorilla Silver coins minted by Scottsdale Mint. These coins have a very limited mintage, which further adds to their collectibility and strong bullion appeal. Although strong and powerful, Silverback Gorillas are generally gentle and very shy. However, severe aggression can occur when two gorilla groups meet where two Silverbacks can engage in a fight to the death, using their canines to cause deep, gaping injuries.

REVERSE: Depicts an aggressive Silverback gorilla showing his canines, along with the weight and purity below.

OBVERSE: Features the Republic of Congo crest along with denomination of 5,000 Francs CFA.


COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIAMETER 38.6 mm
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE 75,000
PACKAGING Encapsulated / Sheets of five