Congo Silverback returns for his sixth bullion coin iteration and he looks real mad…

The Congo Silverback returns for its sixth iteration and has carved itself a place as one of Scottsdale Mint’s signature series. With a debut in 2015 and a single annual issue, it has been a steady rock in a catalogue of bullion coins that is constantly changing. One of those programmes where the design changes every year, thankfully, it is themed around the impressive Silverback Gorilla.

Issued for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the obverse displays their nature-themed national shield emblem, along with the issue inscriptions. The main face, literally, is of a large Silverback roaring and showing off its teeth. It does give some idea of just how intimidating these creatures can be, even if, for the most part, they’re gentle and pacifistic. The subtle foliage texture, rather than just having a polished background field, is a great touch.

As before, a 1oz silver coin only, the mints brief sojourn into kilo variants ending as abruptly as it began in 2017, it has a mintage of 75,000 pieces, putting it as one of the more numerous of Scottsdale’s issues. They come encapsulated, or in strips of five. You can see more about the series in our Bullion Coin Profile to the range, and we’ve added this one to it. Available now.


The Real King of the Jungle – The Silverback Gorilla earns its reputation by fiercely protecting his band with an array of intimidating tactics like roaring, chest-thumping, and charging. It’s only fitting that Scottsdale Mint’s sixth annual release from this popular program features a ferocious Gorilla in stunning detail. The obverse of the 2020 coin features the elegant Congolese Coat of Arms.

The complete mintage of the 1 oz Republic of the Congo Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin BU is limited to only 75,000 pieces. The first issue in this series, the 2015 Silverback Gorilla 1 oz coin, is SOLD OUT at the Mint (2016–2019 Congo Silverback Gorilla coins remain available in diminishing quantities).  These proof-like coins, struck in .999+ fine silver and weighing 1 troy ounce each, ship in sealed capsules on Scottsdale Mint branded skin boards.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE 50,000
BOX / C.O.A. No / No