Mint of Gdansk produces collectors boxes for the Queens Beasts bullion coin ranges

One of the best of the modern bullion coin series, the Royal Mint’s Queens Beasts has proven popular with collectors because of its superb design and defined range. A series of ten designs based around iconic British symbols, the Jody-Clark penned coins have ably stepped into the gap left by the Britannia now having a fixed design, much like the equally boring Maple Leaf, Philharmoniker and Eagle coins – each fine coins, but ubiquitous to the point of overload.

The Royal Mint does produce a superb range of proof coins using the Queens Beasts artwork, but in a manner typical for this mint, they’re expensive and limited in availability. Besides, the bullion coins have a design more than capable of standing equal to them. Sold unpackaged, the collector does have the dilemma of how to hold the set, as it’s one with appeal far outside the stacker community it’s aimed at.

Polish dealer the Mint of Gdansk, have produced a wooden box series that should make things easy. Three versions are available, one each for the 2oz silver and the ¼oz and 1oz gold variants of the coin. Each is felt-lined and has space for all ten issues in the series. A nice touch is that every space has a plaque below it with the coin name inscribed on it, something that lifts this box above the usual generic type. Equally handy is that a set of capsules are provided to hold the coins. Given that dealers often encapsulate these bullion coins themselves, the variety of capsules used can be off-putting, so having a standardised set that fits the box well is a real benefit.

The lid of the box has a foil image of a crowned lion on it, along with the title ‘Queens Beasts’. Selling for around 200 Zloty ($56 USD / £43 / €47), it’s a good way to compile a set of this superb bullion coin series, not matter which format you prefer. Available now from the Mint of Gdansk who ship worldwide.