Coin’s Today adds to its mask stackable silver bullion series, and brings along original sin for the ride

Easily one of the best bullion ranges on offer today, the various stackable silver offerings from South Korean producer, Coins Today, are innovate in design, wide-ranging in concept, and outstanding in execution. We’ve been fortunate to see a few of these, including the Persona Mask, and the Shield of Henry II, and have not been disappointed.

Today sees the addition of two new offerings, the first of which is the latest in their mask series. The first in this series was the aforementioned Persona design, followed by one styled around Guy Fawkes masks. This time we head back to Asia for a mask drawing from the Kitsune legend. A fox with supernatural powers, the Kitsune can morph into human form. There are many variations of them, from good to bad, and sporting up to nine tails.

The coin looks excellent, faceted, but a little curvier than the previous two releases, especially on the edge. There’s plenty of surface detail, and it’s all quite anthropomorphic. As always, these are completely stackable, with a negative impression on the obverse. Very impressive. A two-ounce piece with no set mintage.

The second of todays issues is even more impressive, and a good fit for the other religiously themed releases in this range. Depicting the legendary story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the one that tempted Eve to take a bite of the apple, the forbidden fruit, we think this one is beautiful. The basic shape is heptagonal, representing the seven sins of man, but the coils of the snake breach its boundaries in several places, giving this a considerably more complex look.

Details abound. The apple has a bite taken out of it, and even has a bit of stalk protruding from its top. The snake’s forked tongue is extended, and its body coils through the flora in the background. Even that flora is well chosen, being lilies, which represent innocence and purity, in direct contrast to the evil of the serpent.

It’s an awesome piece, the dark antique-finish suiting it well, and the fact this can carry a design that complex and still be stackable, is a testament to the skill involved in its creation. Immediately climbing near the top of our favourites in this range, this is certainly one to seek out, in my view. Again, it’s two ounces of silver, and again, there’s no mintage cap. Outstanding.

COMPOSITION 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 62.2 g of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 50.0 x 47.1 mm 60.0 x 38.2 mm
FINISH Antique Antique
MODIFICATIONS Dimensional, stackable Dimensional, stackable
MINTAGE Unlimited Unlimited