Coins for the ears! Nefertiti appears on an unusual silver pair from the Mint of Poland

One of the more innovative mints out there, the Mint of Poland isn’t averse to trying out something a little different. Case in point is this quite unusual pair of coins issued for the Republic of Cameroon. Struck in fine 0.999 silver, this rectangular coin duo depicts one of the most famous women in history and a modern icon – Queen Nefertiti.

Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (try saying that after a night at the pub…) is believed to have lived from around 1370 to 1330 BCE. The Great Royal Wife of the heretic Pharoah Akhenaten, her fame in the modern world was cemented with the 1912 discovery by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt of a bust. Said to be by the sculptor Thutmose (although some believe it to be a fabrication by Borchardt), it has to be said that the bust is a quite incredible object. The visage of Nefertiti was , even in ancient times, was popular enough to make here one of the most widely known of the ancient rulers. The bust currently resides in the Neues Museum in Berlin.

As the subject for a piece of jewelry then, it couldn’t be more apt. Known worldwide and a cultural icon, she’s a fairly safe bet for something like this. Each of the silver coins weighs just 4 grams, so not too heavy to wear, and the use of colour is wholly apt, but kept to a subtle minimum. Splitting the bust down the middle with half appearing on each coin, looks to have been the sensible course of action, as the Mint of Poland has chosen a coin size and shape that works best for an earring.

Packaged in a neat gift box with a certificate of authenticity, just 999 sets of these will be produced. They come with hypoallergenic ear-wires, so the Mrs can chuck these on and pop off down the disco for a few drunken dances to Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles. Available to order now.


Coins do not have to be hidden in drawers and those worn as jewelry discreetly emphasize your style and personality. Unusual coins in the form of elegant earrings will be captivated by women who value original accessories. Beautiful silver earrings with the image of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti will undoubtedly attract the looks of your friends! These unique earrings were created with elegant women in mind, who put on the fashion spiced up with a pinch of luxury.

A great gift idea for a beloved woman – the timeless magic of jewelry. Supplied in an elegant case, the coins have earrings fasteners made of hypoallergenic silver.

REVERSE: On the left – the image of Queen Nefertiti. On the right side – stylized ornaments.

OBVERSE: In the central part of the coin – inscriptions: REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN (issuer), 2018 (year of issue), 200 FRANCS CFA (face value). At the top – m / w (coin mark). In the background – stylized ornaments.

DENOMINATION 200 Francs CFA (x 2)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 4.0 grams (x 2)
DIMENSIONS 11.22 x 29.61 mm (x2)
MODIFICATIONS Selective colour
MINTAGE 999 pairs
BOX / COA Yes / Yes