Coin Invest Trust surprised us all with an extremely strong release run to coincide with the ANA Chicago Show a few months ago. Traditionally the collector favourite coin producer has always released it’s biggest and best at the Berlin World Money Fair, and indeed did so with its hit Mongolian Endangered Species and Tiffany Art series this January. For ANA however, the debuted some very impressive new coins, including the kicking off of some wholly new series.

The Evolution of Life coin is a series debut and one of the most attractive designs released in 2015 to date.It’s already sought after and we’ve full information HERE. Magnificent Life is likewise a series debut and likewise a beautiful design with some extremely impressive colouring on the reverse face. We covered this one in detail HERE. Space-Time Continuum is one of the more esoteric coins released by the Liechtenstein based producer in recent years and shows just how far coin strikes have come over the last few years. We covered the coin HERE.

Coin Invest Trust often release some very well done videos of their flagship coins and we’ve collated the three for your enjoyment here. All are worthy of attention.