Clockwork Evolution returns with the slow, precise movements of the turtle going mechanical on Powercoin’s latest

Our biomechanical overlords are back! Powercoin’s stylish Clockwork Evolution series has just debuted its third issue, following the Bee design in late 2020, and a particularly nice Ladybird design earlier this year. That latter coin was the 2021 issue, delayed because of Covid, and the new one here is a 2022 coin, so they’re almost back on track.

The theme of the series is to depict the melding of nature with engineering, specifically clockwork mechanisms, and to do so employing smartminted high-relief, colour, and a black proof finish. The series has a common obverse – an intricate and multi-layered clockwork mechanism, similar to that in a high-end watch, with the issue details for the Mongol Bank (this is a Mongolian issue), inset as if on the primary gear.

The reverse seems to draw elements of both of the first two releases. From the Bee coin comes a defined split, with one half of the ‘animal’ natural looking, while the other has the internal gearing exposed. The whole creature is in both forms. From the Ladybird comes the idea that a carapace, in this example the turtle shell, covers the internals, But we think it’s fair to say this is closer in execution to the Bee. Whatever your view, the black proof finish is a fine choice, and contrasts well with the colouration.

A good-looking release, and one that remains tightly focused on an interesting theme. Indeed, the whole series, especially the striking ladybird coin, has been very well realised, The coin is supplied in a fine quality black gloss box, and in a themed shipper. A certificate of Authenticity is enclosed, and the serial number is also engraved on the coin edge. Available to pre-order now, it should ship in late May, and has a mintage of 999 pieces.


This spectacular 3 Oz Silver coin is the third issue in the Clockwork Evolution series, depicting evolved animals with both organic and mechanical parts. In this issue: Mechanical Turtle. The coin features an innovative multi-layer minting technique, has a vivid colouration and comes in a beautiful case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to only 999 pcs worldwide.

The coin’s reverse shows a view from above of a turtle with both natural and mechanical parts. The turtle shell has a brilliant colouration and features the typical multi coloured pattern that these reptiles have on their back. The coin’s obverse depicts an intricate clock mechanism with many details in High Reliefs. The Mongolian Coat of Arms and the inscriptions: “2000 TOGROG” – the face value, “MONGOLIA” – the issuing country, and “3 OZ.999 SILVER” – the weight and fineness of the Silver can be found on the left side of the obverse.

DENOMINATION 2000 Togrog (Mongolia)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
FINISH Black proof
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, Colour, Smartminting
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes