Classic Star Wars trilogy movie poster coin series wraps up with Return of the Jedi

Incredibly popular on release, the first of the New Zealand Mints new Star Wars Poster series, 40th Anniversary Star Wars movie poster, sold out very quickly and was quickly followed by a similar performance when Empire Strikes Back debuted. Now’s the time for the last of the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi, to put in an appearance.

We’re not going to regurgitate the movie plot. Fans are legion and know it inside-out. Considered the weakest of the first three movies, it nevertheless has a huge following and recieved the same love and attention when it came to the promotional materials used to publicise it on release. The most widely known poster has been chosen for the coin by the NZ Mint and it’s a perfect match for the first two coins.

Struck in a ounce of fine silver in a rectangular format, the poster is reproduced in colour on the reverse face, with the obverse carrying the usual effigy of the head of the Empire, Darth Elizabeth II. Packaging on these coins is quite excellent. The acrylic block framesmake display a doddle and are of a very high quality. It’s actually a good time to congratulate the mint on the excellent presentation of all their Star Wars coins. In a memorabilia market full of plastic and paper rubbish, something of this quality that can be handed down and will hold value for decades, is a nice idea.

Available now for $85.00 USD, the mintage of 10,000 is likely to go quickly and the coin can be bought at a few of our sponsors, Powercoin and Minted-UK having them. It’s likely that the mint will do another trilogy next year, although we’ve not had that confirmed. The third trilogy of movies won’t be complete, so we can’t imagine them starting that, so it’s likely to be the disappointing prequel trilogy. There are some great designs for posters there (the Anakin/Vader shadow image being particularly powerful), but the movies have a fraction of the appeal of the originals, especially the dire Phantom Menace. We shall have to wait and see, but check out the Olly Moss reimagined posters for some seriously impressive movie posters.



The Return of the Jedi was originally to be called Revenge of the Jedi until it was pointed out that the Jedi would not seek revenge. Drew Struzan produced a now famous poster with the original title. Much sought after today, it’s surprising it wasn’t simply modified and used anyway.

The poster used for the New Zealand Mint coin was done by artist Kazuhiko Sano, but there were several others as there have been for all the movies. A poster featuring a light saber by produced by Time Reamer. A poster by regular Star Wars artist Tom Yung inadvertantly gave away the destruction of the Death Star.


COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 53.00 x 36.00 mm
MODIFICATIONS Selective colouring
MINTAGE 10,000
BOX / COA Yes (Acrylic Frame) / Yes