CIT’s latest shaped silver coin is a beautiful tribute to Remembrance Day’s iconic poppy

There’s no shortage of Remembrance Day coins released every year, especially over the last couple as we’re running through a five-year centenary period for the First World War, but we haven’t seen anything quite like Coin Invest Trust’s new one.  Ostensibly a less extreme variant of their new shaped coin range (Panda, Skull, Turtle) the coin is actually shaped like a real poppy flower and has obvious familial connections to the Sea Treasures range by Numiscollect that’s also produced by CIT.

Struck in an ounce of fine silver, the Remembrance Day coin has high-quality colouring on the reverse face and is completely free of inscriptions. The end result is an impressive reproduction of the iconic red poppy flower. The obverse looks beautifully textured, inscribed as it is with the poignant phrase so associated with the event, “Lest We Forget”. All of the usual coin requirements (emblem/date etc) are placed in a small coin-shaped area in the centre. The whole thing is expertly realised.

Packaged in a themed gloss-black box and with an enclosed certificate of authenticity, we can see this being very popular for the commemorations this year. Even collectors who find the Panda and Turtle coins a little too extreme for them should have no qualms here. You usual CIT dealer should get these in but as we write we’re unsure of price. Excellent release and our pick of CIT’s Tokyo TICC selection. Available from late August/early September, so plenty of time for the 11 November commemorations.



Red remembrance poppies are frequently displayed in Anglo-Saxon culture to commemorate fallen soldiers and service personel. The custom originated in 1921 after humanitarian Moina Michael lobbied to have the poppy offcially recognized as the symbol of remembrance for veterans. She was inspired by John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” which he wrote in 1915 during World War I.

Remembrance Day is commonly celebrated on November 11. CIT is proud to issue a remembrance poppy coin for the Cook Islands. Shaped like a poppy flower, the smartminting© coin is brilliantly colored and weighs 1 oz at 45 mm diameter. The poppy is supplied in an elegant, glossy black display case and is sure to enrich anyone’s collection.



DENOMINATION $5 Cook Islands
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIAMETER 45.00 mm
FINISH Prooflike
BOX / COA Yes / Yes