CIT’s new Summer Launch is here and it’s one of the best we’ve seen from this groundbreaking producer

We really like CIT’s new seasonal release programmes, roughly analagous to the pre-Covid show scene, and it always brings with it a terrific selection of some of the best minting technology can provide, along with inventive and original themes. That hasn’t changed for the new Summer Launch timed for the American ANA Show.

With our ongoing computer issue, we’ve decided the best way to show off this new selection in the meantime is using the excellent videos that CIT produces for their new coins, and you’ll find specs for each release within them. So what are the highlights? Chief amongst them have to be the second Steampunk release, the Notre-Dame Tiffany, and the King Tut Scarab. Each is off the scale with regards to artistic merit and implementation, in our view.

However, that isn’t all. The new Evolution of Life coin is a welcome subject choice that looks terrific, the Meteorite series continues to twist and turn with new tweaks, Silver Burst is gorgeous, Hunters by Night equally so. Eclectic Nature: Fighting Fish is a series to watch, and the American Alligator coin is a step up from the debut shark issue from last year. We’ve always loved the Seven Summits series and Into the Wild shows much promise. There are also additions to the Love, Horseshoe, Ounce of Luck and Firefighter series, the latter a giant one-kilo variant. Missing below is the bright and colourful Iron Maiden tribute coin ‘Number of the Beast’, but we’re sure the video will be back up soon.

It’s always a pleasure to see a CIT launch and this is one of the best for a while, with something for every budget and taste. We’ll look at these in more detail shortly. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Fixed the Steampunk video’s changed URL and added the Iron Maiden coin. Get rockin’!!