CIT’s hotly anticipated Autumn Release is here, with Spartans, temples, mountains, Iron Maiden, and Sherlock Holmes

Never let it be said that CIT don’t cast their net wide for new coin subjects. As you can tell from the headline, this is another expansive look through history, nature, science, and the arts, using gold, silver, platinum and copper, in weights 0.5 grams, up to 1,000 grams. We’ve made no secret of our admiration for CIT’s output, and this latest tranche of coins does nothing to undermine that opinion.

The big release this quarter appears to be a superb Spartan coin, depicting the legendary warriors about to head into battle. There are seven variants in the range, in all four metals, including a unique miniplat (our bad choice at a name…) 0.5 gram platinum coin that mimics the popular minigold. We’ll have to see how popular that is – it could be the start of a new genre. They’re all cleanly struck, except for the three-ounce silver coin, which sports some gilding.

The Forbidden Temple is the next coin in a series kicked off by the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and looks gorgeous. Also catching our eye is the Astrolabe coin, first in a Historic Instruments series. We’ll be very intrigued to see where this one goes, especially when objects like the Antikythera mechanism exist (hint, hint). We’re also pleased to see mountains return, a long-time CIT subject, with the ultra-high-relief Half Dome. Cyber Queen continues their look into our future, and Typefaces: Sherlock, into our past.

As well as the new stuff, there are plenty of additions, like new minigolds, another Iron Maiden coin (one of our new Thematic Coin Profiles for release over Christmas will be music on coins, so look out for that), and bigger versions of the Steampunk and Hunters by Night coins released earlier this year in smaller form. A memoriam to Queen Elizabeth II, and a new Fabergé Egg, round out the selection. We will definitely find time and space to cover these in depth shortly. Well done CIT.