Our look at Coin Invest Trust’s release run at the World Money fair in Berlin takes us back to a long-running series that’s proven very popular since the first coin appeared back in 2011, Butterflies in 3D. This range is a little different from the norm in that the adornment that gives the coin its name sits on the coin instead of in it as is more commonly the case over the last few years. This years piece differs little from previous years except for the flower that is part of the strike being subjected to the new Smart-minting technique. The result is a greater relief and level of detail, along with some nice detailing like the pair of Ladybird beetles which sit quite proud of the background.

The sixth annual coin to be released, the series is quite unusual in being issued for a different country each year. Having gone through Cameroon, Tokelau, Andorra, Central African Republic, and Equatorial Guinea, the 2016 coin stays in Africa with its issue for Tanzania. A nice touch is the primary language on the coin matching that of the the issuing state, at least the European one most associated with it. Previously three of the last five coins carried the French inscription ‘Papillons Exotiques’ and the fifth the Spanish ‘Mariposas Exoticas’. The other two are inscribed ‘Exotic Butterflies’, all mean the same thing.

Limited to 2,500 pieces, the series sells out from the mint every year and tend to sell at dealers for around the €80-100 mark. Now coming packaged in a nice customised wooden coin box, these are unusual and well done, and should ship from the end of March.


The butterfly species Cymothoe hobarti is indigenous to the tropical forests of Tanzania and neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Congo. Just like in previous years, this series, which is sold out annually, presents itself with a new country of issue.

The butterfly’s remarkable red colouring is a wonderful addition to the collection and the glimmer effect on its body shows an attractive feature. The flower is deliberately kept in subdued colours to let the extraordinary smartminting high relief take the stage.




1,000 SHILLINGS TANZANIA 0.999 SILVER 25.0 g 38.61 mm PROOF 2,500 YES / YES