Coin Invest Trust Week continues on with our look at all the new Chicago ANA releases, and after showcasing the beautiful Evolution of Life and innovative Space-Time coins, we go back to the nature of the world around us today with the debut coin in a new flagship series simply called Magnificent Life. CIT have a long history of releasing some terrific nature coins and we think this one is destined to sit amongst the very best. There aren’t any inset gimmicks on this one, but it does have a concave background and a high-relief strike to really make the design pop. We’ve yet to see any images of the coin taken that show the depth of relief and curvature, but it’s unlikely to disappoint and the basic artwork is beautifully realised.

Like all recent top releases from CIT, the coin incorporates their SeQrySign anti-counterfeit symbol struck very unobtrusively into the reverse face of the coin. It also comes packaged in the timber box that has been an option on CIT coins for some time, but this time it’s included and customised for this issue. The usual certificate of authenticity is also in the box.

The peacock, in this case the Indian Peafowl native to India and Sri Lanka, is an inspired choice for the first coin. The intricate, iridescent layered feathers and bright colours of this stunning bird are a great fit for this almost rimless design. Showing a male with the plumage fully extended, the colouring on the coin looks to be of a higher quality than the almost newsprint style used on lesser designs, very rich and deep in intensity.

At one ounce in weight these should, at least initially, be relatively affordable, but we’d not be surprised to see these rise in value, especially in light of the small 999 mintage. We’d expect the coin to be available some time in the next couple of months with prices around the €150 mark. Another great coin from one of the masters in the field.


Few creatures can match the spectacular courtship display of a male peafowl, which even captivated Charles Darwin and led him to contemplate the concept of sexual selection.

The new and aptly named Magnificent Life series portrays the peacock in all its glory. An astonishing high-relief and concave back-ground combined with brilliant colouring create an almost life-like impression of this extraordinary bird.




$5 COOK ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 31.135 g 38.61 mm PROOF 999 YES / YES