CIT @ TICC: The Globe is back and celebrating the worlds beautiful Indian Summers

Coin Invest Trust (CIT) are showing some new coins at the Tokyo International Coin Convention (TICC) and while not the size of their epic Berlin World Money Fair and US Worlds Fair of Money releases, there’s another eclectic collection to look at. Most unusually of all is a follow on from the 2017 Cherry Blossom Globe, a surprisingly brisk seller last year.

The Original Vienna Snow Globes company still produce over 200,000 premium snow globes every year and are not to be confused with the cheap knock-offs that you can pick up for a couple of dollars in a corner shop. Formed in glass and purchased by the rich and famous, the globes were invented by the grandfather of the current producer, a man called Erwin Perzy who did so in 1900.

CIT have again partnered with the company and the result is another high-quality globe holding a 1/10 oz coloured silver coin. The design is almost a continuation of a story begun last year. Where the 2017 coin depicted a couple kissing under a cherry blossom tree while their dog roamed around, this years has the couple pushing a pram through a park, the dog at their feet. Both have some colour highlighting appledto the tree foliage. Whereas pink was heavily employed last year, obviously given the cherry blossom theme, this year it’s the turn of autumnal colours to take centre stage, so the flakes in the water are the red, orange and yellow you would associate with autumnal hues.

The obverse is the same as last years and has an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II – typical of Cook Islands coins. Even though the coin is a scant 3.1 grams in weight, smartminting has allowed CIT to produce an 18 mm diameter design. Very much a coin for the gift market, the mintage is capped at 2,018 pieces and it should ship late June/early July.


MINTS DESCRIPTION: Indian summer, when warm temperatures succeed frosty nights, is a seasonal phenomenon cherrished and admired worldwide like few others.

The brilliant orange, red, and yellow colors of the sugar maples are a natural firework of colors and a prelude to the coming winter. The shortlived spectacle attracts hordes of tourists to eastern North America each September and October.

For nature lovers that wish to admire the fall foliage year-round, the enchanting CIT Indian Summer coin globe is the perfect gift. Following last years Cherry Blossom Globe, the new issue is once again manufactured in Vienna, Austria and filled with alpine water in which fall colored leaves whirl as if carried by an autumn wind. The delicate silver coin shows the couple stroling under a tree with their dog and baby pram.


DENOMINATION $1 Cook Islands
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 3.11 grams
DIAMETER 18.00 mm
FINISH Prooflike
BOX / COA Globe display / Yes