CIT raise the bar yet again with a quite outstanding new Autumn Launch range

Without question, one of the highlights of the numismatic calendar, CIT’s seasonal launches are concentrated bursts of brilliance that we always look forward to here. The Summer Launch was one we described as possibly their best ever, but can the Autumn Launch top even that? We think it can.

The key release for us is undoubtedly the stunning Leaning Tower of Pisa coin, available in both 2 oz and 5 oz versions, a fine demonstration of just what Smartminting can achieve when pushed hard. With Egypt sure to be a big subject over the coming year (it’s the centenary of Tutankhamun’s discovery), it’s great to see CIT get in there with a very cool new range. Again, there’s ultra-high relief on both faces, and with a wide range of finishes and metals, something for everyone. We ourselves love the antiqued one, but each has its own unique charm.

While not a 7 Summits coin, the Matterhorn is clearly inspired by it. It’s unlikely the same style would work with this iconic mountain, due to its extreme prominence over the surrounding landscape, but the mint has cleverly side-stepped the problem by taking a sectional, rather than plan view of the mountain. There’s a neat little minigold (0.5 gram) as well. Fabergé also returns, this time with the Rosebud Egg. These seem to be very popular.

Lastly, we have a tale of extremes. CIT have taken to issuing one-kilo versions of some of its more iconic designs, and the first Steampunk coin is certainly that. We thought the design was stunning on first appearance, but it reaches new heights here, instantly becoming possibly my favourite release of the year from anyone. Just awesome. Nature fans will love the huge Hunters by Night release as well. At the other end of the scale, there are several minigold shaped coins, something the producer has done well for years now. The videogame controller and guitar issues will no doubt prove super popular. All in, a sublime new selection. We’re absolutely buried with new releases at the moment, so we’ll be jumping back for a more detailed look at these starting next week. All should be available to pre-order now. Go get ’em!