Choice Mints Legends of Asgard continues to push limits with Ymir, its outstanding third silver coin

We think it’s fair to say that when Choice Mint launched its first Legends of Asgard coin, Odin, that the bar was raised on what constituted excellence in the popular mythology coin genre. Possessed of impressive high relief, called Max-Relief by Choice Mint, the coin was much admired on release. Like all things, processes are refined and ambitions raised and that was the case when the second coin, Valkyrie arrived last August. The third coin takes the series up another big notch in quality.

The second coin saw a transition from physical sculpting of the design, to a digital process, and the benefits of that are becoming more evident with the proliferation of fine details throughout. It’s easy to forget how difficult strikes like this are to do effectively and there are perhaps only a very few producers and mints capable of doing this level of depth while maintaining such fine detail.

Depicting the Ice Giant, Ymir, the artwork is an excellent and dynamic piece. Details abound. Runic patterns on the blade of the axe, skulls on the belt, musculature, and even the facial hair, pack out the coin so that there always seems to be something new to discover. The absence of superfluous inscriptions is greatly appreciated – just ‘YMIR’ is present on the reverse and even that is more part of the artwork than an afterthought.

The obverse design remains unchanged, although even here the increased detail and definition is fully evident everywhere you look. Issued for Tokelau, the head of the Queen is surrounded by inscriptions detailing composition, denomination, date of issue and the issuer. A patterned border surrounds it all. As before, the coin is fully rimless, something we like immensely, and the serial number is engraved on the edge. Packaging should mirror that of the excellent first pair and includes a certificate of authenticity that will match the number on the coin.

Another first-class issue by Choice Mint, this one has exceeded our expectations and we can only imagine what is in store for the fourth coin, Tyr, when it’s released next year. Just 1,500 of these are to be struck and they should ship in November. These have always been very competitively priced for the specification and that remains the case again. Site sponsors Powercoin will stock this one, as well as several others around the world. You’re advised to contact the dealer you bought your previous coin from to see if you can get a matching certificate number. An outstanding release and highly recommended.



In Norse mythology, Ymir (also known as Aurgelmir, Brimir, or Bláinn) is the ancestor of the jötnar. A Jötunn is a giant in Norse mythology, a race of natural spirits possessing huge strength. Ymir is referred to in the 13th century Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson as a primeval being who was born from venom that dripped from the icy rivers Élivágar and lived in the grassless void of Ginnungagap.

According to the Prose Edda, after Ymir was formed from the elemental drops, so too was Auðumbla, a primeval cow, whose milk Ymir fed from. The Prose Edda also states that three gods killed Ymir; the brothers Odin, Vili and Vé, and details that, upon Ymir’s death, his blood caused an immense flood.

Ymir birthed a male and female from the pits of his arms, and his legs together begat a six-headed being. The gods Odin, Vili and Vé fashioned the Earth (elsewhere personified as a goddess; Jörð) from his flesh, from his blood the ocean, from his bones the hills, from his hair the trees, from his brains the clouds, from his skull the heavens, and from his eyebrows the middle realm in which mankind lives, Midgard.



COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
DIAMETER 50.00 mm
FINISH Antique
BOX / COA Yes / Yes