It’s the Chinese New Year and the guide to all the lunar coins has been updated again

Today is Chinese New Years and for the next twelve months or so (the date is a little more flexible than the Western one), it’s the year of the Brown Earth Dog. Those born under the Year of the Dog are said to be honest, faithful, loyal, trust-worthy, worrisome and sharp-tongued – if you believe that kind of thing. Famous ‘Dogs’ include the great Winston Churchill, Socrates and Benjamin Franklin. You can read more about the different characters on our Lunar Calendar page.

As regular reader will already know, we keep what we think is the most comprehensive and visually rich guide to all the precious metal lunar coins that are released every year and the Year of the Dog is no exception. We’ve just added an unusual Splashing Dog coin new from the Helvetic Mint and issued for Niue Island, as well as the lunar range of most significance – the one from the China itself.

Enjoy the guide and we wish all the best for the Lunar New Year to all our readers.