New Zealands annual $5 silver coin features a native bird, the Laughing Owl

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New Zealands annual $5 silver coin features a native bird, the Laughing Owl Just once a year the New Zealand Post issues a $5 silver commemorative coin and like the Royal Australian Mint's Kangaroo series, they're themed into smaller chunks to give the long-running and open-ended series some kind of structure for [...]

New Zealand celebrates the Taniwha, a Maori water being, with new proof coin range

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New Zealand celebrates the Taniwha, a Maori water being, with new proof coins. In the scurry to fill out the numismatic world with the gods of Greece and Scandinavia, some interesting areas the of old mythologies have been overlooked. Case in point are the Maori legends of New Zealand, featured only by [...]

Hexagonal coin from New Zealand celebrates the industrious Honey Bee

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The latest new coin from the New Zealand Post is now available, and it's a good one. Featuring the Honey Bee, one of the most important creatures on Earth for humans, it looks primarily at this amazing insects association with honey and the hive. Struck in fine silver, this one ounce coin is hexagonal in shape, [...]

NZ Post celebrates the coming Rio Olympics with gold and silver proof coins

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No doubt there will be many coins featuring this years Summer Olympics, a couple have already surfaced, but the New Zealand Post have jumped in with a pair of their own and look to have done a good job. Struck in fine silver or fine gold, both with some selective colouring (more so on the silver), [...]

Queen Elizabeth II is 90 years old today. The numismatic world celebrates.

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It's the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II today, and she becomes the longest reigning queen in history with only the current king of Thailand having reigned longer. She's also the oldest current monarch, the oldest British monarch in history, and has caused poor old Prince Charles to get the record for being the worlds longest [...]

New Zealands annual coin continues the bird theme with the awe-inspiring Haast’s Eagle

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Every year, New Zealand issues a $5 annual coin in silver and over the last couple of years the theme has settled on some of the highly unusual birds that have lived in this fascinating country, but have passed into extinction. Back in 2014 the coin featured a huge penguin called the Kairuku, followed in 2015 [...]

The New Zealand Post releases Hectors Dolphin, its smallest gold coin ever at half a gram

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For the first time ever, the New Zealand Post has released a mini-gold coin, taking advantage of the growing popularity of the little 0.5g fine gold format that's been popularised of late by producers, especially Coin Invest Trust and Treasures of Oz. Despite being only 11-15mm in diameter, the format is capable of holding a good level of detail [...]

New Zealand Post launches its 2016 Kiwi and this year it’s egg-shaped and with a little slap of colour

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As the most recognisable natural symbol of New Zealand, the flightless Kiwi bird is the obvious candidate for a flagship series of coins from the countries national issuer of commemorative currency, the New Zealand Post. For those wondering, the New Zealand Mint is privately owned and is the mint responsible for the licenses to coins issued [...]

As Queen Elizabeth approaches a record-breaking reign, New Zealand spins a coin

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With Queen Elizabeth II being the darling of the numismatic world for sheer ubiquity, the news that she is about to become the longest serving monarch in British history was obviously going to be commemorated on lots of different coins. We'll be covering ones from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Mint, the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth [...]

Legendary New Zealand All Blacks rugby team celebrated on unusual shaped silver coin

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Treated with reverence in many countries and ignored in others, rugby is a sport punishing to the mind and body, full of action and great to watch. Very popular in Commonwealth countres and those with recent historical links to Britain and France, the sport has spread out to places like Italy, Georgia, Romania and Namibia, and those are just [...]

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